UAE's New Entry & Residency Rules

In a new move, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced New Entry & Residency Rules. Interestingly, the new framework offers visitors an assortment of visa types for various visit purposes, without requiring a host or backer for the first time. These visas offer adaptable terms that address the issues of the guests and the reason for the visit.

As UAE relaxes its conditions, all areas gear up to attract a fresh record of foreign investment, apart from visitors. Earlier this month, Dubai secured a sales value of AED23.7 billion, recording a growth of over 59%, in the month of August 2022. 

ANWA Properties brings you All you need to know about UAE’s New Entry & Residency Rules. The list of new schemes approved listed below are as follows;


  • Visit Visa

The new visa, which will be carried out from September 2022 for visiting the UAE, will permit a stay of 60 days as against 30 days sooner.


  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

Notwithstanding the normal vacationer visa that is supported by the travel industry foundations in the UAE, a five-years multi-passage traveller visa is presented. This much-anticipated section license will permit vacationers to profoundly investigate the UAE more. This new visa won’t need support. The prerequisites are that the candidate ought to have a bank surplus of $4,000 (or a comparable sum in other cash) during the half year before the visa application. Individuals can remain for 90 continuous days in the UAE and the main condition is that the stay shouldn’t surpass 180 back-to-back days in a year.

  • Work Visa

This visa doesn’t need support or a host. It is granted to those grouped in the first or second or third expertise level according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the new alumni of the best 500 colleges on the planet and the base instructive level ought to be a Bachelor’s certificate or the same.

  • Business Visa

This passage license, which doesn’t need support or host, is pointed toward empowering financial backers and business visionaries to investigate business and venture valuable open doors in the UAE.

  • Entry Permit allowing visiting Family Members or Friends

According to the ongoing change, a guest can apply for this passage grant if he/she is a family member or companion of a UAE resident or occupant. It doesn’t need support or a host.


  • Entry Permit for Study and Training

This license is expected for those going to prepare and concentrate on courses and additionally taking part in entry-level position programs. The support can be colleges or instructive or research establishments authorized in the nation or government or confidential elements. It requires a letter from the element, explaining the subtleties of the review or preparing or temporary position program and its term.


  • Entry Visa for a Brief Work Mission

This license is expected for individuals who have a transitory work task like probation testing or a venture-based mission. This visa is supported by the business. It requires a transitory work contract or a letter from the business explaining the visit’s motivation and verification of wellbeing and wellness to work.


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