Top 5 areas to buy Property in London

Buying a property is a life-altering transaction – especially for first-time home buyers or investors. 

Choosing the best residential area, varying housing types and distinctive prices, it is essential to secure all available information before landing the best deal. Some of the things to check off prior to singing the property ownership deed includes

  • Location
  • Secure neighborhood
  • Well-connected roads and transport options
  • Nearby amenities e.g educational institutions, healthcare facilities, well-stocked marketplace, etc.

Why should you invest in London?

Over time, London has ranked as one of the most expensive cities to live in. While staying true to its cultural values, the capital of the United Kingdom has grown to host diverse cultures by welcoming people from around the world – different countries, races and traditions. This expansion has augmented the range of opportunities for its residents, which makes it ideal to invest in London. 

Hence, to answer the question asked, you should buy property in London because 


  • Property prices to increase over time

The influx of people has led to a greater demand for properties for rent or sale. This, in turn, has led to a staggering increase in property prices, which is expected to rise within the next few years. 

This makes it an ideal city to buy or invest in property.

  • Low-interest Rates

The ECB has managed to keep borrowing costs artificially low, as per which short-term interest rates to rise until 2023 – according to reports. This move resulted in properties offering a higher rental income return than other assets. 


  • Transparent Real Estate Market

Oftentimes when any industry expands, it overlooks basic legal practices and procedures. However, London has emerged as one of the cities with a transparent real estate market. This has resulted in attracting all types of investments, both – national and foreign. 

Moreover, strong governance has resulted in safe and secure investments for every investor.

Being an ideal city to invest in, ANWA properties highlights the 5 best areas for you to buy properties in London.


  • Battersea

An increasingly popular residential area, the popularity of Battersea has elevated over the years, with the average price of a property currently just under £875,000.

One of London’s most upmarket areas is defined through Victorian and Edwardian architecture. The affordable housing options have made it one of the most sought after places for middle-class families looking to start a family. 

The well-stocked option features its zoo, and a famous boating lake and pagoda, along with cafes, restaurants, and exceptional medical and educational facilities – becoming one of the safer parts of London to live in.

Plans are underway to develop the area that will go on to feature luxury real estate, which ought to increase the prices of property in the coming years.


  • Chelsea

Chelsea is a profoundly alluring and rich area of prime London, ranking as England’s wealthiest area outside of central London – offering high property prices.

Bordering Fulham toward the west, Knightsbridge and South Kensington to the north, the area is easily accessible via four Underground stations on various lines, allowing residents to quickly and easily access Central London and the City.

The area offers an extensive variety of real estate, from eco-friendly retreats to beach villas, equestrian estates to golf homes, up for grabs, to even a castle, and palace.

Featuring every amenity including cafes, restaurants, hospitals, educational facilities, and much more, this area is expected to offer the highest net property value growth in London within the coming years. With its increasing popularity, it has been listed as one of the best areas to invest in.


  • Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge ranks as one of London’s most prestigious and immaculate neighbourhoods, with high property prices. Bordering Chelsea, Belgravia and South Kensington, this high-end area entails much of a quiet and elite lifestyle. 

The structures in the area sing tales of early elegant Georgian h66ouses, varying to terracotta-faced Victorian houses, luxurious penthouses, apartments and beautiful mews houses.

The immaculate area is home to several luxury brands, with streets lined with all kinds of branded fashion stores, designer shops and boutiques including the renowned Harrods. The area is also in close proximity to other famous attractions like the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park, Wellington Arch, Cadogan Hall and  Buckingham Palace are all easily accessible.


  • Mayfair

Once home to rich, famous and elite people, Mayfair has drastically transversed into an area offering accommodations for people of every age bracket. It is now an urban oasis bordering Park Lane, Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Piccadilly.

With the lifestyle change, Mayfair provides a work-life balance through smart technology and fitness amenities, lured by luxurious fine dining and living. The locality is lit with regency-style homes, and currently houses a high population of single residents and renters – belonging to a younger generation. 

With a high standard of living and low unemployment rates, the area has attracted investors and residents, which, in turn, has resulted in property prices increasing, ensuring a high return on investment as well. 

If you’re looking to buy property in a high-end area, Knightsbridge is the place for you.


  • Whitechapel

Located just east of the City of London, Whitechapel is one of the most affordable areas to invest or buy a property in. With plans of constructing over 3000 houses in the area, the value of property in Whitechapel will increase accordingly, in the upcoming years. 

The area is located a stone’s throw away from Brick Lane – one of the most famous tourist spots. Just a 10-minute walk away takes you to well-stocked marketplaces dating over 100 years, restaurants and galleries to explore once you arrive at Brick Lane. Whitechapel itself has been an interest of tourists and visitors interested in contemporary art.

The area borders Bethnal Green on the north, on the east by Stepney, Tower Hill on the south, and the west by City.

So if you’re looking for an area that keeps its community roots, while offering a diverse mix of cultures, this is the ideal location to be in. From a blend of worldwide cuisines to an array of markets to explore, living in Whitechapel extends quintessential vibes with a perfect blend of international flavor.

The best place to buy any type of property in London depends entirely on your budget, which is why ANWA properties have listed the 5 best areas where buying a property, or investing in one will be beneficial. The decision comes down to the fact – what does every individual look at while buying a property? 

If you’re clear about your objectives, we wish you happy hunting!

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